Plant-Based Men's Cleansers – Raw Men Personal Care Products Boast Nature-Inspired Scents (

Raw Sugar launched its Raw Men personal care products to make clean, healthy living accessible to all. Donda Mullis CMO of Raw Sugar Living, describes: “Men are jumping aboard the self-care movement bandwagon and actively seeking clean, ‘better for you’ products that deliver real benefits to make them look better, feel better and smell better.”

The brand’s range of products, which includes hydrating body washes and bar soaps, is full of unique, nature-inspired scents like Black Coconut + Sea Salt and Citrus + Blue Agave. The Raw Men line is made with plant-based ingredients and favors the use of sustainable packaging.

As well as being able to feel good about using better-for-you products, consumers will appreciate that Raw Sugar donates a bar of soap to a family in need with every product purchased.

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