Hilarious Honest Marketing Camapgins – Beauty Brand OUAI Makes Fun of Itself By Reading Bad Reviews (TrendHunter.com)

Many brands receive negative reviews for their products, but beauty brand OUAI has decided to embrace its negative reviews to recreate its original dry shampoo — the Super Dry Shampoo. To debut its reformulated product, OUAI launched a hilarious campaign of the team reading customers’ negative reviews of the former product.

One critic stated: “Do you want your hair to be greasier, dirtier, more unmanageable, and smell like you washed your hair with grandma’s perfume? Then this is the dry shampoo for you.” To showcases how beloved its new dry shampoo is, the team then reads the new comments for its updated dry shampoo. Comments range from “life-changing” and “incredible volume” to “being the best dry shampoo ever used.”

OUAI was able to tactful handle the funny negative reviews and accepted them as honest feedback to inspire its revamped product. The reading of the hilarious and blunt negative reviews showcase the beauty brand’s authenticity and by leveraging user-generated comments and customer feedback, OUAI is increasing its brand identity and customer loyalty.

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