Art Collective-Launched Upcycled Sweaters – NEW FOUND FORM's Sweaters Boasts Style & Sustainability (

On November 30th, NEW FOUND FORM released a collection of sporty, eco-friendly upcycled sweaters. This is not a traditional label, but an art collective that is headed by London creative duo Jordan Vickors and Josh Barnes.

The capsule reveals “a deep respect for Nike” as the canvases for the range of upcycled sweaters are, in fact, “vintage Nike Sportswear hoodies and pullover sweaters.” The creators are very particular of their collection contributing to the ethos of sustainable production. To add a bit of personalized flair to its offerings, NEW FOUND FORM spot bleaches the garments and adds its logo to the left chest region. This branding attempt is well-balanced with the Nike Swoosh on the right side.

Image Credit: NEW FOUND FORM

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