Vibrantly Nostalgic Sportswear – The New Kappa Sportswear Collections Stand Out at SoleDXB (

Two new Kappa sportswear collections were spotlighted during Dubai’s SoleDXB festival. The event is a celebration of creative expressions, including music, art, fashion, footwear, and more. It is also an indicator of how Dubai has grown to be “the Hong Kong of the Middle East,” signifying a potent cultural renaissance.

The stylish Kappa sportswear collections showcased at SoleDXB have retro aesthetics that speak to the heritage of the iconic Italian brand. The chic Spring/Summer 2020 LA84 and the RACE capsules both consist of vibrant sportswear designs that bear the recognizable Kappa logo. Repeated throughout, some of the garments spotlight an oversized version of the mark. While LA84 pays homeage to the 1984 Olympics, RACE communicates a “need for speed” through eye-captivating colors.

Image Credit: Kappa

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