Mini Multitool Keychain Accessories – The Dango Pocket Clip Hides in Plain Sight When Not in Use (

Everyday carry (EDC) products have surged in popularity as of late as consumers seek to enhance their overall efficiency when spending extended periods out of the house, which is seeing products like the Dango Pocket Clip be unveiled.

Boasting an impossibly small design, the keychain accessory can be used for holding a stack of currency, popping open a bottle, keeping keys together, acting as a wallet tether and much more. The device can be clipped onto a pocket, belt or backpack when not in use to keep it accessible, while the durable 6061 CNC machines aluminum design is formed with stainless steel and finished with military specification bottles for enhanced ruggedness.

The Dango Pocket Clip can also be attached onto any of the Dango M-series Bifold Wallets to further increase the multifunctional nature of the keychain.

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