Clean Beauty Platforms – The Clean Academy by Biossance is a Resource on Clean Beauty (

The Clean Academy by skincare brand Biossance is an educational platform that dives deep into some of the ingredients that are commonly founded in popular skincare products. On Biossance’s YouTube channel, viewers will find plenty of videos hosted by leading beauty experts who help to simplify complex skincare labels. Upcoming episodes of The Clean Academy are set to be focused specifically on ingredients.

Biossance is working with a variety of other like-minded clean beauty brands, including Youth To The People, Ursa Major and Weleda, all of which are united by a mission to help consumers make well-informed choices. According to Catherine Gore, President of Biossance, “Together with our partners, The Clean Academy aims to educate and empower consumers, helping them better understand their beauty products so they never have to sacrifice sustainability for efficacy.”

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