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This Memory Foam Pillow Accommodates All Kinds Of Sleepers

Not all pillows are created equal. Even if you claim you have the fluffiest pillow in the world, there are likely mornings where your neck feels like it might break and your back experiencing vicious pain. The main culprit? Your choice of pillow, of course. The cushion that supposedly gives you support may also be […]

Hilarious Honest Marketing Camapgins – Beauty Brand OUAI Makes Fun of Itself By Reading Bad Reviews (

Many brands receive negative reviews for their products, but beauty brand OUAI has decided to embrace its negative reviews to recreate its original dry shampoo — the Super Dry Shampoo. To debut its reformulated product, OUAI launched a hilarious campaign of the team reading customers’ negative reviews of the former product. One critic stated: “Do […]

Shannon Beador Says She’s Gained Some ‘Love Weight’ Since Starting To Date Her Current Beau!

Shannon Beador seems to be really happy in a relationship with John Janssen and during an interview, she gushed over him, explaining how the man has even changed her for the better! Here is what the Real Housewives of Orange County cast member had to say about her new romance! During her chat with HollywoodLife, […]