T.I. Shares An Inspirational Story On His Podcast – See The Clips

T.I.’s podcast called ExpediTIously, is becoming more and more popular. He’s addressing all kinds of interesting subjects on his radio show, and this one below is not an exception. Check out some of Tip’s clips that he shared on his social media account. ‘Did a panel with this brother @ShakaSenghor a couple of weeks ago […]

Headline Heat: J. Holiday Talks R&B Singers Putting Black Men Down, Beef With Jacquees & More

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Jeffrey Epstein Autopsy Missing Key DNA Evidence Says Forensic Expert

Getty Jeffrey Epstein‘s family is still waiting to hear about DNA evidence to prove he wasn’t murdered — evidence they’ve been demanding for more than 2 months, according to the family’s forensic expert. Dr. Michael Baden, a pioneer in forensics, says the family hired him to observe the autopsy that was conducted on August 11 […]