‘LONG LOST FAMILY’ SNEAK PEEK: Black Woman Desperately Searches For Biological Family After Being Adopted Into White Family

A black woman named Amanda is searching for her biological family after she was adopted into a white family. Catch our exclusive sneak peek of the next episode of "Long Lost Family" inside…. Imagine growing up in a family where no one looks like you. Not only do they not look like you, the family […]

Anderson.Paak Checks GoldLink Over “Disrespectful, Narcissistic” Mac Miller Post

Who re-ignites beef with a dead guy? Goldlink, that’s who. And who swoops in to save the day? Anderson.Paak, that’s who. Since Mac Miller’s death last year there have been hundreds of heartfelt tributes in honor of the young rapper’s memory — GoldLink’s “tribute” wasn’t that. Instead, the “Crew” rapper posted more of a frenemies […]

Protective New Parent Underwear – The FridaBalls Underwear Protects Against Kicks and Bumps (TrendHunter.com)

The FridaBalls underwear is an undergarment style for dads that will offer them a way to prevent unnecessary pain and discomfort from accidental injuries sustained when taking care of a little one. Featuring a protective cup in the front, the underwear helps to offer protection from hitting, flying objects and other things that could cause […]