Call-Taking Winter Gloves – The KJUS Bluetooth Gloves Lets Users Take Calls without Their Phone (

Connectivity has shifted from optional to essential for most consumers, even during sports and outdoor activities, so the KJUS Bluetooth Gloves have been developed with this in mind. The winter gloves were developed by the high-end sportswear company to offer wearers a way to take calls from the slopes thanks to built-in Bluetooth connectivity that […]

10-Ingredient Face Creams – Chanel's La Solution 10 Has Fewer Chemicals for Optimal Tolerance (

Skin sensitivity has increased over recent decades and many dermatologists suspect the reason is linked to the use of multiple ingredients in skincare products. In an effort to reduce these reactions from consumers, luxury brand Chanel introduction ‘La Solution 10’ that contains 10 carefully curated ingredients that were chosen for optimal skin tolerance and efficacy. […]

The Best-Dressed Celebrity Of The Week Is 10-Year-Old Julia Butters

Ten-year-old Julia Butters’ scene-stealing performance in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” has permeated real life. The custom Armani dress/pants/button-front combo she wore to the Critics’ Choice Awards in Los Angeles this week stole the show ― and the hearts of adults who wished they could wear it, too. Butters topped the list of must-see […]

Whipped Priming Masks – The Green Goddess Sleeping Mask + Primer Boasts a Luxurious Texture (

The Milani Green Goddess Sleeping Mask + Primer is hydrating, calming and nourishing thanks to ingredients like cannabis sativa seed oil, hyaluronic acid and vegan squalane. The overnight skincare treatment promises to leave skin perfectly primed for makeup, which makes it like a hybrid makeup-skincare product that has the potential to simplify one’s beauty routine. […]